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Vision based systems, comprised of smart cameras and algorithms, create a network of sensors that lives and breathes along with the modern city and its ever changing needs.

We develop state-of-the-art optical systems, combined with image analysis in real time

The Company

The Company's Team has vast experience in electro-optics, smart systems, and tailoring of special solutions to customer needs.

We use the components of the leading vendors in each segment + adding our unique added-value in sensors development

Our Services

Traffic Safety


The next generation of traffic law enforcement. Dealing with all kinds of traffic violations. This will lead to better road safety and pleasant driving 

Parking Solutions


One stop shop for payment and enforcement. We integrate the systems and capabilities of the leading vendors, adding our unique added-values

Smart City & Traffic Control


Life in the modern era are becoming urban. As more and more city services will become automatic, based on sensors, life will become more comfortable.

Electro-Optic sensors for traffic monitoring

can optimize traffic flow in realtime

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We know each city has special needs and circumstances. Tell us more about your project, and we will get back to you soon with some ideas of how we can support you, and optimize your local solution to the welfare of the citizens and municipality 

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